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  • The Micro-Kyoto model, with steel core and oven-baked paint finish in a variety of shades. External laser cuts give the door its special personality, with the sharp geometric shapes blending into perfect harmony.



Technical specification

  • Door Structure: Steel core with internal vertical reinforcements.
  • Painting Technique: Galvanized steel with painted finish in a unique painting process adapted to withstand outdoor conditions, in a wide variety of shades from RB’s color fan.
  • Lock System: composed of six bolts directed toward the two door jambs.
  • Door Design:  Steel core combined with external laser cuts on exterior side, oven-baked paint finish on interior side. Choose from a wide variety of colors from the RB color fan.
  •  Construction door frame or cover frame. Extra-cost options: 8 cm “Click-on” frame covers / 10 cm artistic cladding (for new-construction frames and corresponding to actual conditions)
  • This entrance door model is manufactured in different sizes and is available as single leaf, leaf and a half, or double leaf door.
  • Locking Mechanism: Upgrade the door with advanced locking mechanisms and choose the desired level of security.
  • Choose from a selection of handles.