High security padlock series are suitable for commercial and domestic use. RB padlocks can be supplied individually keyed, or keyed alike or as part of master key system together with other RB cylinders or cam locks. For general use and enhanced protection the padlocks can be used with RB hasps.


  • Operation: Unlocking by 55°- 65° key rotation.
    Equipped with RB high security Cylinder.
  • Dimensions: 8, 10, 13 and 16
    Shackle type – A, B and C
  • Options: Removable shackle, Connected shackle.
    With draining holes cover, normal cover.
  • Materials: Mechanism – Steel; Cover and Shackle – hardened steel.
  • Finish (Covers):
    Nickel satin (US15)
    Black coating
  • Cylinder Options: Locxis
    Dynamic plus