RB SMART LOCK – Progress to a smarter opening

The newest in locking systems, innovative, yet simple to use.

Operated through a secured application on your smart phone.




  • The LOCKAPP system is operated by an application compatible to APPLE and ANDROID devices, in different languages.
  • The system’s technology is of the highest standards, and is integrated into RB-Lock’s LOCXIS Cylinder.
  • With the cylinder installed in the entrance door, RB-LOCKS LOCKAPP application on your smartphone controls locking and unlocking of the door.
  • Provides high-level security.
  • Bluetooth
  • 433 MHz
  • Contents include: 1. Motorized cylinder operated by LOCKAPP application 2. Charging cable 3. Installation instructions for LOCKAPP application
  • Upgrade/add further convenient components: Wireless Biometric Key │ Wireless Keyboard │ Remote Control for Opening and Locking │ Master Remote Control for controlling up to 8 different systems │ Wireless Adapter for Smart Home and Central Phone Systems │ Extended Stylish Handle with Biometric Key │ Extended Stylish Handle with Wireless Coder