XBOLTTM, an automatic interlocking mechanism secures itself to the door frame when the bolt is in the locked position. RB-LOCKS®, XBOLTTMdeadbolt cylinder is secured by the LOCXIS® key system technology.



  • Patent pending tubular lock providing over 4 tons of kick-in strength from a single heavy-duty locking bolt which interlocks with the door frame, exclusive to locks produced by RB-LOCKS.The lock is operated by a Locxis® cylinder, including various Locxis platform applications – keyed different, keyed alike, master keyed and X3 platform keying (changing combination) etc.
  • Operation: Single cylinder with interior thumb turn or double cylinder operated by key on both sides. Keyed alike cylinders for both the Deadbolt lock and door’s main cylinder is possible.Adjustable backset bolt from 2⅜” to 2¾”.
  • Material: Cylinder, rosettes and thumbturn – brass; Bolt- hardened.
  • Finish: US3, US15, US26D.